A Piece Of Paradise

Vaastu Viva Branding Cover

A Step Before Real Estate

With a name like Vaastu Viva, there was still a lot of branding left to do for this real estate client. The only constraint however was that Vaastu Viva is not into residential or commercial projects. They mainly sell undeveloped land parcels (‘plots’ in investor parlance) – so we couldn’t splash their identity on 3-D images of ultra-modern, luxurious bungalows.

Vaastu Viva Logo Design

Plot Bhi, Investment Bhi

Instead, in order to truly capture what they do, we ran an outdoor advertising campaign for the client for which we used earthy tones, pastel hues and simple nature drawings to convey the picturesque locations of their plots. This was followed with a 20-page Brochure Design with the tagline “Plot bhi, investment bhi” and Newspaper Advertisement Design that told the same story.

Vaastu Viva Brochure Design

Lush Green Campaign

The campaign set hearts aflutter with a lush green golf course and made the eyes of investors a little misty with the dream of owning their own “piece of paradise” on earth. Incidentally, both the campaign and the brochure were successfully pitched to Vaastu Viva’s “real customers.”

Vaastu Viva Outside Advertising Design

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