Spicing Up A Consumer's Life

Sukun Branding Cover

Finger-licking Good

Ask any Indian woman about the secret behind her finger-licking good cooking and pat would come the reply – clarified butter (ghee) and spices! That’s exactly the message we wanted to drive home to DM Food’s oil brand Sukun’s target consumer.

New Design, Old Identity

The client, however, did not want to part with their old identity because of some emotional reason. Yet they wanted us to deliver superlative results for them through new Packaging Design, POP (Point of Purchase) Design and Dangler Design.

Sukun Ghee Package Design
Sukun Ghee Point of Sale

Rose To The Challenge

We rose to the challenge and gave them an all-new look that was reflected in all their subsequent promotional material developed by Litmus. The visuals that we chose left nothing to imagination and went straight to the heart of the matter, i.e. ghee and spice that together spice up the life of an Indian woman. That’s the gastronomical story we managed to script for Sukun. We know that the story clicked beautifully because the products did great after launch.

Sukun Chili Powder Package Design

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