Pure As Only The Pure Can Be

Shrikant Branding Cover

Crowded Product Line

When a product category gets crowded with a surfeit of non-differentiated brands, the simplest and the smartest thing for a marketer to do is to talk about functionality. In this case, the purity of a ghee and spices brand is a major concern with housewives.

Shrikant Pure Ghee Package Design

From Commodity To Brand

Until recently, both ghee and spices were treated as commodities on a woman’s monthly grocery list. No one treated them as brands that she could develop a loyalty to. Then Shrikant, another well-known brand from D M Foods arrived on the scene and things began to gradually change for this category of products.

Shrikant Poster Design

The Power Of Purity

We decided to play on the fear of adulteration lurking strongly in the minds of the Indian consumer. We realized that women in India still feel that ghee made from clarified butter and spices pounded at home is better than the packaged products displayed on grocery store shelves. This was the myth we had to demolish and managed to, with our carefully crafted branding exercises for Shrikant Ghee & Spices. We made ‘purity’ their catchphrase and gave them an ultra-clean, confidence-inspiring Packaging Design and POP Design that eventually paid rich dividends.

Shrikant Chilli Powder Package Design

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