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Searchlight Branding Cover

Logo Worth A Thousand Words

If modern typography can say a thousand words about a brand, the Logo Design and Corporate Identity Design that Litmus evolved for U.K-based Search Light, a company specializing in all kinds of spot lighting systems, conveys their proposition in even fewer words. One look at their logo and you know exactly what their business is about.

Searchlight Logo Designing
Searchlight Logo Design

Design-active Client

Yet there is plenty of novelty in their branding efforts and that’s what we love about this client. They are design-active and like to keep re-inventing their brand. They didn’t stop at their logo and corporate identity. They invited us to design their flyers and website also.

Searchlight Corporate identity Design
Searchlight Website Design

Twice In Three Years

And then in the past three years, we have been approached to revamp their Website Design twice. Each time we refined their website, their brand ended up emerging stronger and refreshingly new and happening.

Searchlight Flyer Designing

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