Camera, Lights, Action

Raju Pathak Branding Cover

Brand Raju Pathak

Whether it’s fashion, food, outdoor or product photography, there can be no lens-man of Raju Pathak’s mantle. It introduced us to a unique dichotomy: a brand like him made our task easy and at the same time it presented a huge challenge before us.

Raju Pathak Logo Design
Raju Pathak Corporate Identity Design

Positioning Puzzle

How do you position the master strokes of a creative genius of Pathak’s calibre? We solved this puzzle by giving him a landscape-oriented portfolio that catalogues his amazing work in black & white on the left hand side and vibrant colour on the right hand side.

Raju Pathak Brochure Design
Bulb Collage Photograph

Slick, Innovative & Sticky

With the help of slick Logo, innovative Brochure and a sticky Website Design, we finally manage to showcase his fabulous work in the flattering soft, amber light - and could you guess the outcome? Raju Pathak is today counted among the top league photographers in Ahmedabad.

Raju Pathak Website Design

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