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Global Ambitions

The brainchild of first-generation technocrats, MTS aims to gain a global footprint in process and analytical instrumentation. Their dream of growing from a small-town trading outfit to a global manufacturer on the strength of state-of-the-art infrastructure and strategic planning had to be communicated through a strong brand presence and exhibition design.

MTS Logo Design

Blending Ochre With Technology

The vibrant ochre palette that we gave them marks their leap in time, while positioning them as a strong, technology-driven brand. The client was so pleased with our Logo Design and Corporate Identity that they assigned all their subsequent strategic initiatives to Litmus.

More Work, More Kudos

We then worked with them to revamp their Brochure, Exhibition Stall and Advertising Design and to absolutely wow effect. They received terrific reviews when they participated in an exhibition at Mumbai. We knew that we had done great work, but positive feedback never hurts.

MTS Advertising Design

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