Exotic, Made-to-Order Itineraries

The Temptation Of Travel

Travel is all about selling holidays with slick, eye-catchy brochures, attractively laid out with high quality pictures of sun-kissed beaches and snow capped mountains. Indus, headquartered in Canada, specialises in offering customised, packaged tours to far-off exotic places – Egypt, India, Peru, Italy, Abu Dhabi etc.

Chamber of Commerce Travel Brochure by Indus
WOW Tours Brochure

Awards Aplenty

For almost six years since we started working with this client, we have been crafting unique print-media Advertisement campaigns along with Brochure Design to lure more travellers to these destinations. It worked and how! For four years (2007, 2008, 2009 & 2011), Indus has won the “Best Tour Operator to India from America” tag from guess who – the President of India.

Brand India

The print media campaigns apparently have worked their magic in selling India to the world through Indus and it gives Litmus immense satisfaction to be part of this win-win travel team.

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