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The Power Of Imagination

Imagine a flat world, a world without boundaries. A world without intermediaries. A world without middlemen. A marketplace for just two principal players –the traveler, i.e. you and the service provider; a travel agency that can book you the most unbelievable holiday package, a super saver deal at any place on this planet!

Indus Logo Designing

Transformation Story

This is the image we wanted to project and capture in Indus Travel’s visual identity. A Canada-based outfit, their brief was simple and straightforward - they wanted us to help them morph from an India-only tour organiser to a world-class travel agency with operations spread across the globe.

Indus Logo Design
Indus Advertising Design
Indus Corporate Identity Design

Redesigning Their Identity

Taking ownership of their complete brand evolution, we engaged ourselves with website design. We followed it up with advertising design, where we ran a teaser campaign for the client that mirrored their meteoric rise and positioned them as a world player. The flourish in their new logo design and corporate identity design also captures this global leap.

Indus Website Design

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