Hair Raising Solution

Fix-O-fit Branding Cover

The Good Name

With some products (not all) we are fortunate. Their names say it all and make our job easy. One such product from CMAX stable is ‘Fixofit,’ a first-of-its kind hair building fibre introduced to the hairline-conscious Indian consumer. It was a Greenfield territory for CMAX, so they were naturally a little nervous about the branding.

Fix-O-fit Brochure Design

The Catch ?

We thought the product was exciting, except for one catch- ‘Fixofit’ gets washed off the next day! That put us in a fix and challenged us as a Branding Design Agency – how to position a product with such a short shelf live? Then the penny dropped and we gave them a stark black & white campaign with a creative spin on the time-factor “Get natural-looking hair in 2 minutes.” With that one-line no-brainer, the product’s major limitation became its biggest strength. Subsequently, we went to town in Newspapers Advertisement Design with the tagline, “Bald to Baal.”

Fix-O-fit Website Design

Quick-fix Solution

Did it work? Sure it did. We are not one of the leading Branding Companies in Ahmedabad for nothing. Consumers fell for the promise of a quick-fix solution and it gave CMAX the confidence to follow-up on the success of ‘Fixofit’ with a new blockbuster – Richmax. Incidentally, we were asked to strategize marketing collaterals for both the brands - Fixofit and Richmax.

Fix-O-fit Before & After Hair Photo
Bald to Baal – Get Natural Looking Hair

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