A Strategic Trap to Make India Mosquito-Free!

Buzz off Mosquitoes, Eco-friendly Way!

When the world is fighting the onslaught of blood-sucking mosquitoes- Aedes Aegypti, causing life-threatening diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue and Zika fever, the toxicity of mosquito repellents has aggravated the health risks posed to human health. Dynatrap with its chemical free mechanism, proficient to end the life-cycle of mosquitoes in 6 weeks, wished to position its innovation in the market as a cost-effective insect repellent that does not cause adverse health effects.


Popularizing Non-toxic and ‘Just Plug It In’ Formula

To combat the further spread of mosquito borne diseases, DynaTrap- the brand through Veltosa- the partner firm in India, wanted us to position the brand distinctively as one who eliminates mosquitoes in a safe, silent and simple manner through its 3-way technology, that does not either emit toxic fumes or contain DEET- the dangerous active ingredient in most of the repellents.


A 360-degree Branding Tour for DynaTrap

As one of the leading branding agencies in Ahmedabad, we adopted an all integrated marketing communication as per demographic segmentation. We positioned the product as innovative, cost-effective and elevating status on both, offline and digital mediums.


Green Solutions for Rural Area

Our research encouraged us to devise marketing strategies focused more on rural areas where there is low penetration of insect repellents. We made brochures in multiple Indian languages educating farmers on how to save their crops from insects, flies and moths.


Expanding Eco-Footprints

For the hospitality sector, we executed the HORECA campaign to help restaurants, cafes, resorts as well as educational institutes get rid of pestering mosquitoes. We reached Gynecologists too through a campaign about safeguarding babies from mosquitoes. The successful adoption of product inspired the brand to reach Angola, a country in Southern Africa for which a brochure was conceptualized.


When Innovation Wins Hearts

  • Within a year, the Facebook likes recorded the increase of 100 plus percentage
  • Lead generation campaigns through Facebook and Google AdWords helped the brand acquired dealers successfully
  • For the year 2017, we have been able to achieve more than ideal DynaTrap Shopping Ads Click through rate and Conversion rate.

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