Investing in the Positioning of an Investment Brand

Designing ‘Who They Are’

This Chinese Investment Company was looking for a branding partner for visually defining ‘who they are’ and for helping them market their residential and commercial real estate projects in Africa. They landed on our website, thanks to the impressive work done by our website SEO services team. And a visit to our website was all they needed to be convinced that their search had fructified.


We didn’t boil the Ocean

The challenge in this case was that the client was in a hurry and wanted a variety of deliverables delivered almost instantly and simultaneously. It felt as if we were trying to boil the entire ocean. However, we prioritised the task in a logical sequence and executed them at high priority, thus meeting the deadline while sequencing it logically.


From Identity to Positioning

We started with the Logo Design and followed it up with the Corporate Identity. The client absolutely loved it. Then we complemented this refined visual identity with a winning brochure design, outstanding hoardings, and an impressive website, and all this at breakneck speed. We achieved the desired positioning for the client in Africa, as the real estate company to reckon with.


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