Soaring High On Candidate Aspirations

Paramount Software Branding Cover

Taking Over The Tech World

The Litmus rendezvous with this US-based client started when they approached us with a brief to create advertising for a tech-magazine that they were planning to launch. In their marketing collateral, the client wanted us to position Paramount as a leading player in both IT Training and Recruitment space.

Paramount Software Catalog Design

Straddling Two Sectors

A tall order,   we had to help them straddle the two sectors seamlessly. We finally decided to sell the idea using the aspiration factor, hitting the nail bang on target. The legacy of awesome work started with their Product Catalog Design and continued and grew with a Flyer, Advertising and Brochure Design.

Paramount Software Website Design
Paramount Software Advertising Design

When Work Speaks

Our portfolio of work for them has been so impressive that today Litmus partners Paramount in all their branding enterprises, often without any client brief. Obviously, their trust in our strategic inputs is now completely established and above reproach.

Paramount Software Brochure Design

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