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by Litmus Branding  |  27th Jun, 2014 in Litmus Way

A karmic force, number 13 is associated with many trials, tests and tribulations. As Litmus turns 13 today, we take stock of Brand Litmus.

This is the story of a boy who fell in love
This is the story of a boy who grows up
This is the story of a boy who fell in love
The man he becomes….

We strongly believe that every brand is a living, breathing entity. It’s born, it lives, it matures, it grows old and then it dies, letting other, younger brands take its place. It has personality, character and a value system. It nurtures and it gets nurtured. It enters into relationships; a few life-transforming and most other commonplace. It dreams; it demands. It wrests, it controls; it receives and it gives. It emotes, it denotes and it connotes.
This got us thinking – what is Brand Litmus?

Here is an output of our random thoughts. We hope that after reading this playful banter, Brand Litmus would begin to make more sense to you.
It certainly did to us.

A brand is also driven and shaped by its custodians. It mirrors the values of the people, who have shaped that brand. You will figure that out when you go through this banter….

Q. If you were asked to describe Brand Litmus as a precocious 13-year-old, how would you describe it?
Kapil: A lot of things. Brand Litmus learnt and learns from tiny things. It stands firm on decisions whether small or big and takes quick decisions, based on gut feelings.
Hiren: Enthusiastic, playful, smart, friendly, independent, eager, interested, witty and quirky.
Shilpan: Proud, arrogant, does first, thinks later. Self-driven, pushy.

Q. How is this child different from other children his age?
Kapil: He competes only with himself. He doesn’t care what others are doing or think of him.
Hiren: Since he’s just a boy, he knows he has a long way to go. There are so many things to be done and achieved, along the way.
Shilpan: He lives by his rules. He doesn’t much care about others’ opinion of him.

Q. Any film, TV, or magazine character that he reminds you of?
Kapil: Pursuit of Happiness
Hiren: Matrix
Shilpan: 3 Idiots

Q. Is he studious and serious? Or is he gregarious and funny?
Kapil: Gregarious and funny
Hiren: Gregarious and funny
Shilpan: Gregarious and funny

Q. Does he like school and studying?
Kapil: There is no need to attend school for studying. You can study from life; from anything, on your own.
Hiren: Not really
Shilpan: No

Q. What are his hobbies? What does he like to do in his free time?
Kapil: Like to meet more people and talk with them.
Hiren: I don’t know how to define this… as it represent me and not Litmus
Shilpan: Playing sports in free time

Q. Is he reclusive or does he make friends easily? What kind of friends does he like to make?
Kapil: At times, I think, he takes some time to make friends.
Hiren: Sure, he makes friends easily. Clients who share his value-system and the value he brings to their relationship.
Shilpan: Yes, he makes friends easily. All kinds of friends – Techno (Incidentally, one of Litmus’ clients), wacky people have a special place in his life.

Q. What kind of reading does he do?
Kapil: Fiction, spirituals, designs etc.
Hiren: He reads Design, technology and biographies
Shilpan: Design-oriented

Q. When does he sleep, when does he get up?
Kapil: He never sleeps, so he never gets up ☺
Hiren: He sleeps on time but gets up late ☺.
Shilpan: No particular time. Depends upon his mood and need.

Q. Is he fond of travel, what places does he want to travel to and see?
Kapil: Unknown, mysterious places, beckon him. A wandering soul, he loves meeting new people, new territories; raw, unexplored and green.
Hiren: Yes, he is fond of travel….He travels every nook and corner of the world everyday…
Shilpan: Yes… he’s fond of travel and has been to every corner of the world, everyday

Q. Is he a dreamer? What does he dream of?
Kapil: Yes, he is a dreamer. He is also very simple and likes to be in the company of people who don’t know the value of money ☺
Hiren: He is a big dreamer. He wants to be the finest, not, necessarily the biggest, designer in the world.
Shilpan: A big dreamer. He wants to be the finest, not, necessarily the biggest, designer in the world.

Q. Ideologically, who is he close to?
Kapil: Apple ☺
Hiren: Steve Jobs, Johny Ive, Osho
Shilpan: My Mom and Kapil ☺

Q. Value system – is he truthful, honest?
Kapil: Absolutely.
Hiren: He is both.
Shilpan: Yes.

Q. And finally…..What does he want to do when he grows up?
Kapil: Remain what he is.
Hiren: Anywhere and everywhere.
Shilpan: When he grows up, he wants to expand in all ways, yet remain very down to earth.

Just be.

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