TVCs That Work Don’t Pull at Your Purse Strings…

by Litmus Branding  |  30th Mar, 2015 in Marketing

…They pull at your heart strings.

If you have ever been challenged to trap the lightning in a bottle, you must be a creative from the advertising field. We are constantly asked to look for that rare spark of a brainwave, something special that can infuse life into a brand. In social media space, we are constantly goaded to spin words that can make magic; make people talk about it; like it; and share it with their friends; i.e. has the intrinsic potential to go viral. In short, carve out a space for their brands permanently in their  hearts and minds.

To be able to do that, we often have to go beyond a salesy pitch to send out a rousing message that resonates with your consumers and touches their soul. We’re constantly asking ourselves: What moves people? Where do we unearth deep human secrets? What’s the emotional people that can be ‘switched on’ with our creative work?

For this blog, we’ve rummaged through a long list of commercials and hit up this brilliant treasure trove of inspiration. Commercials that will urge you to look for the same creativity in you. Some of these TVCs are touching, some weepy, some awe-inspiring and a few will simply blast you away! So stay tuned.

Online Video Ads
As we all sat glued to the tube, rooting for our respective countries at the World Cup, DDB Mudra Group and Zee News put up scoreboards in Delhi, J&K, Lahore and Karachi. Only those weren’t actual scoreboards. Watch it and you’ll understand:

We are all in the rat race. At times, we become unwitting partners in a ‘dog eat dog world.’ We casually brush aside our humanness; chasing mirages and forgetting what is really important in life. Bogged down by everyday travails, we forget how privileged we are. This Samsung TVC has the power to reveal this softer side to yourself:

Cricket is our life; our religion. And when it’s an India vs. Pakistan match, everything comes to a virtual halt. Each strike of the bat on the ball leads to a collective release of a million sighs! Here is a story of one Mangesh Ganpatrao Kadam, a cricket-junkie, who has never missed a single match in his life. If you are curious to find out what happens to him, tune into:

Has there been a time in your life, when someone asked for your help and you couldn’t provide it? This Thai Life Insurance ad is about wonderful human beings who don’t expect anything back for the philanthropy they do:

Waking  up at the crack of dawn to ready your child for school is the plot of this three minutes, heart-wrenching ad for a product that is present in our daily life, but we don’t notice the difference it makes:

And I absolutely love this Dabur Vatika ad and its salutation to a cancer survivor who has gone bald. For a Brand dealing with hair shampoo and hair oil products, this was really daring and iconoclastic!

Finally, when you are you are preparing for a long distance travel, you feel pulled in two opposite directions, and goodbyes don’t come easy, says this Disney commercial:

Empathy. That’s what runs common in all the commercials cited above.
What do you think?

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