Start Up: Don’t Miss These 4 Inspiring Examples for Your Promotional Campaign

Hiren Panchal
by Hiren Panchal  |  23rd Nov, 2020 in Social Media

Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime are the game changers in the world of content. Various other video streaming channels, have joined the bandwagon proving once again that static content is not appealing anymore. Celebrated brands and even start-ups in their initial stage have well understood it. Sure, the concept of a video marketing strategy is not new. But what has reformed is how it has become a need on almost each and every platform.

Videos in the present-day scenario are not just a branch of the general marketing strategy. In fact, it has now become the center of all marketing efforts. Videos are a crucial element to a start-up’s growth. The reason being, they have been found to be an indispensable tool for brand publicity.

It is also vouched for as one of the major digital marketing strategies for budding start-ups, that could do wonders! A great tool to enhance the growth of your brand and the client network.

The industry is full with so many start-up marketing campaign examples that can be discussed, but first let’s get to the statistics, measuring its commercial value.

Here’s the list –

  • Viewers
  • 45% watch a minimum of hour of video content in a day
  • video marketers
  • 89% say video gets them a decent ROI.
  • 83% say video supports them in lead generation.
  • 87% say video has increased traffic to their website.
  • 80% said video has directly facilitated sales increase.
  • 95% plan to raise or maintain the video spend in 2020.

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As a social media marketing agency in India, with a line up of experiences, Litmus Branding has studied and observed many such promotional campaign examples, would like to share the best ones. Inspiring you with these 4 outstanding cases.

The human connect -Starbucks

You must be living under a rock for the past 20 years, if you haven’t heard of Starbucks. The globally well-known brand, Starbucks has intelligently crossed the brand awareness stage.

The video mirrors that credibility and maturity in a smart manner. Instead of promoting sale activity or a new product (which they produce in plenty), Starbucks took this chance to promote their corporate social responsibility (CSR). As Yael Klass defines elaborately in The best promotional video examples for 2020.

The opening three seconds give out a subtle introductory hook, “We drank a lot of coffee last year”. This one a highly relatable statement, the audience is clued-up to hang around. Hearing the actual numbers, successfully engaging them into the video. The heart-warming music gives a clue that the video will cover something optimistic. It sounds nothing like the typical corporate video soundtrack, a big plus in this case!


This is one of the promotional campaign examples that stands out for connecting humbly on a human level.

Music only – Spotify

Prior to becoming one of the most popular music streaming platforms, Spotify launched its first marketing campaign with a modest approach. Banking heavily on word-of-mouth and just one advertising video, premiered a little over a decade ago in the United States.

It was created quite simply with the use of motion graphic and kinetic animation. Within a minute, it describes how the service works. All with playful animation and cheerful background music and no voice-over.

The idea to ditch a voice-over is a logical move. Spotify, as a music platform brings you qualitative music listening.Why hide its most significant characteristic under unnecessary talking? Awesome animation, with attractive captions the brand shows you how to seize the audience’s attention and hold it.


This type of start-up marketing campaign examples is an excellent precedent to learn from, authentic and precise video content on a small budget.

Tell your story as its nature and the target audience would demand. If a narrative style does not fit the bill then do what is needed. Be brave!

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Clever communication – Ucella

Ucella is a smarter and sleek mailbox and your personal and protected post office. The speaker attitude in the video toward regular mailboxes is not too good. Leading you to the core argument, he speaks quickly describing an attitude suggesting that a regular mailbox doesn’t serve the purpose.

The start-up explainer video shows quick clips of the speaker or “buyer” wasting whole lot of time tracking the packages and then waiting for them to arrive at the door. Stressing over it pointlessly. Next, he begins to debate the benefits of Ucella, he starts speaking at a slower pace so the audience can understand and grasp the new information feed. Kamron Nafarieh points out in 20 of the Best Start-up Explainer Videos Ever.

The video shows information clouds in the bullet form, around the speaker so the audience can also read while he talks and explains. Helping the viewer to get engrossed and remember important information easily. In the end, the speaker and a post-office employee share a high five. To show their effortless relationship and displaying that you don’t need to waste time at the post-office any more. As you have Ucella, right at the door.


A new concept can be conveyed well if you explain the base first. Information clouds are useful while explaining an idea that seems complicated to explain. Simple story telling.

Narrative simplicity – Dropbox 

Dropbox is a brilliant example of how a start-up can take off with a simply designed advertising video. Started as a minimalist practical product, the company introduced its first promotional video for less than $50,000 more than ten years ago on its website.

The video uses basic cut out animation with a fine-tuned and to the point script to show how the product works. Also explaining, why people would genuinely need it. A plain white background highlights the graphics and animation and hence sending across a no fuss and direct message for viewers.

This video message is presented in such a way that it is easy for the not so tech savvy people to understand what Dropbox can do for them. The simplicity worked and the video bought in a 10% upsurge in sign-ups, meaning 10 million new consumers. Boosting the revenue by $48 million a year and an ROI of more than 1,000%.


Initial promotional explainer videos, do not have to have a sleek, Pixar-level animation style. The key here is to think from the audience perspective, keeping it short and original. You can come up with a tagline or a problem that a customer can identify with to capture their attention at the start.

All brands that have been huge successes now, as start-ups they have taken a unique and bold approach of what best suited their brand and product. Not taking the tried and tested route has worked well, purely focusing on the message that has to be conveyed. A holistic sense we can make out of this is making a thoughtful promotional campaign works well. The Indian SMBs can take a cue from these interesting yet experimental concepts to get inspired.  Great work with impactful results can be managed with a lower budget as well. An experienced social media marketing agency in India can integrate all the vital elements making a creative video that will send across the right message for your brand.

Hiren Panchal

Director, Litmus Branding Pvt. Ltd.
Ahmedabad, India
Hiren Panchal co-founded Litmus with Kapil. Hiren owns an exhaustive character and sharpens his views with an analytical mindfulness. He observes every creative with a conscious magnifier. Just as his doer attitude wins over his believer attitude, his thought leadership aims at creating leaders and not followers on his team. His creative insights have created brands worldwide and he has been commanding in the industry for +20 years. Come to the point, he’s already there.

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