Seizing Moments Strategically

by Hiren Panchal  |  4th Oct, 2016 in Self Discovery

There is probably no one in the world who hasn’t failed once in a life time. Failure is the key to success. After all, it’s difficult to manage everything and be successful. Yet successful we have to be because…

We need to be the best at our jobs because it helps us earn our bread…

We have our families to take care of…

We have friends whom we are to give time to…

There is a lot on our plates. But let’s also face it – we need more time!

24 hours just don’t seem enough for all that needs to get done. It is a wonder how successful people manage to squeeze so much out from each moment of their lives, despite their mad schedules.

After all, it is not just about having it all; it is about balancing whatever you have in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life. The time frame needs to be elongated for sure; but it has to be done without thinking about how things would be after retirement. This is way too long. You need to find a way in between.

So, how exactly do you seize a day?

There are so many of those tiny battles that you have to fight. How do you then focus on winning that war?

By putting an excellent strategy in place to take care of your daily battles.

Make your day count first. If you want to seize the day you have to first break it down into a few strategic moments. Come up with a plan of action while taking stock of the bigger picture and paying attention to the smaller moments.

Strategic seizing of moments is very doable. There are a few moments that seem to be more crucial to your success. Having a good strategy can help you understand which battles you have to fight and which are the ones you have to de-prioritize.

Breaking your day into these seize-able moments can make you feel accomplished.  In fact, this is not just a feeling. It can help you make your strategy more efficient. You are not taking on the whole day here; you are taking it moment by moment.

By balancing your work life and personal life, versatility and planning, seizing moments will gradually evolve into seizing days and then into seizing life, itself. Winning your war depends on how wisely you choose your battles. You may not have a flawless run; you may have to take some losses or make some concessions in the process. However, with a positive mindset, you can build a strategy through which you can be assured of a fulfilling effectiveness and efficiency in your day-to-day life.

Take some time off and observe your schedule, your habits and your patterns carefully. Find out what has been effective and what is it that has been getting into your way.

Observe your tasks and methods. In fact act like an outside observer and evaluate yourself. While it is ok to be critical about yourself, it is very important to adopt an open-minded approach. The answer lies within yourself and you will find it soon. Maintain the focus.

A day is made up of 1440 minutes. Each of these minutes is representative of moments in your life. If you wish to seize your day, you will have to seize every moment. There are many people who have seized their moments and achieved success in life. This is what they did:

They did not focus on their past

If they happened to face a problem, they didn’t run away; instead they looked for solutions.

They never felt bad in any situation; they knew there was a reward for handling every situation.

They made lemonades out of every lemon life gave them

They tried their best to add values into the lives of others.

They dared to smile, even when they knew no body was looking at them.

They came up with a compliment every time they met somebody.

They listened a lot before they spoke.

They made it a point to learn through the experiences of their own as well as that of the others.

They believed in giving whatever they could, whenever they could and as often as they could.

Finally, minutes make up a day. Let’s use these minutes strategically.

Director, Litmus Branding Pvt. Ltd.
Ahmedabad, India
Hiren Panchal co-founded Litmus with Kapil. Hiren owns an exhaustive character and sharpens his views with an analytical mindfulness. He observes every creative with a conscious magnifier. Just as his doer attitude wins over his believer attitude, his thought leadership aims at creating leaders and not followers on his team. His creative insights have created brands worldwide and he has been commanding in the industry for +20 years. Come to the point, he’s already there.