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by Litmus Branding  |  23rd May, 2017 in Technology

Is your website still the same as you had designed it the first time?

Haven’t you updated it with new products or services or even fresh pictures of your team members?

If not, it is high time you revamp your website.

As you may know, Google keeps changing its algorithms. Unless you keep updating your website every now and then, it cannot be doing anything good to your business.

If you have visited the website of Google you may have noticed how fresh it looks. Google is always up-to-date and slick when it comes to its website; but it had its humble beginnings too.

You may have got a ‘cutting-edge’ website designed a few years or even months ago; but even that may appear old-fashioned now if you have not been using the up-to-date design format. In fact this can be said about most websites today.

With the evolution of digital world, there is a need for websites also to evolve. They have to adapt to the latest trends and keep up with the necessary changes that make the Google Algorithms ‘find’ their businesses online.

There were those days when businesses considered owning a website as a luxury. Nevertheless, today’s smart business owners have realized how crucial it is to own a website in order to establish the presence of their business in the online world. It is in fact as mandatory as a logo or a phone number.

It is not only about owning a website but also about how you express yourself online. What you say and how you say it has a lot to do with how well your business performs in today’s economy.

With the sales of smart phones increasing by the day, more and more people are using the internet to look for products and services that they need. If you do not have a professional looking website that is optimized to the search engines, you will only end up losing your potential clients to your competitors. This is irrespective of the size of your business.

Your website is in fact your primary source of marketing. So, if you wish to run your business in a successful and a profitable way, you just cannot let your website fall by the wayside.

More and more companies have started realizing the need to redesign their websites, including the big ones. For instance, if you have recently signed in to your LinkedIn Profile, you might have noticed the change in the design. This professional networking platform has already started reaping the benefits of its revamped site, which actually happened only after fourteen years since its launch.

The goal behind the redesign of the LinkedIn website was

  • to make content and conversation a major part of user experience
  • To simplify things and make it clearer to the audience what they could do on LinkedIn.

changed its front-end as well as back-end overhaul so as to

  • reduce clutter
  • Add in a few more navigation tools
  • Increase the speed of its website
  • Give a consistent design to both its site as well as its mobile app, keeping the back-end architecture same so as to make further changes quicker and smoother

The model that was used to redesign the site was the mobile redesign of Microsoft MSFT +0.51%, which was launched towards the end of 2015.

You don’t have to revamp your website only because the others are doing it. Consider the changes you want to make, determine why these changes are necessary and what will results they can bring about. Once you are convinced that it will make a huge difference to your business, start giving your site a makeover.

Redesigning your website is not about changing each and every branding or graphic design element. It could be about making certain functional modifications that can improve the performance of your website and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Businesses would typically give their sites a makeover in any of the following situations:

  • When the website is not getting enough traffic or if the visitors are not getting converted into customers
  • When the purpose of creating the website has changed
  • When the website is not functional anymore
  • If the website is not responsive
  • When there is a need to adopt a better content or a web-design strategy
  • When the competitors have started benefitting from revamping their websites
  • When the third party tools get outdated

Often a complete review or assessment of your website may be necessary to find out why your website needs to be changed and how. Your main focus has to be on the performance of your site. You may have to answer a few questions like:

Have you been achieving the results as expected?

Could any changes give you better results?

What are those changes you need to make and how will they help?

Google Analytics should help you in answering these questions. Give it a try before you start making changes to your website. This is how Google Analytics can help you:

  • To track your traffic and your conversions.
  • To get details about the location demographics of your visitors.
  • To find out what people look for when they visit your site
  • To determine which areas of your site are getting maximum traffic and have the lowest bounce rates
  • To identify the worst performing pages of your website
  • To find out where your customers are abandoning their shopping carts (in case yours is an ecommerce website)

These details should give you an idea about what your website actually needs and when is a good time to start revamping your site.

If you think your website needs a makeover very badly, get in touch with us at Litmus. We will help you come up with the perfect digital makeover for your website, which will make a resounding impact on your target audience, adding in more value to your business.

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