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by Litmus Branding  |  12th Jul, 2013 in Litmus Way

Any acknowledgement of your work is good, but when it comes unsolicited, its loads better!

The other day, we learnt from our copywriter in Mumbai that Litmus Branding has made it to the top in a third-party independent ranking of India’s Top Ten Web Branding Companies ( Frankly we didn’t even know that there is an agency that does this kind of ranking, since no one had approached us for any billing data, client testimonial, anything – yet we made it to the top in the final list of ten very worthy competitors!

We were caught off-guard with the news, but we are happy of course – finally a mystery ranker is noticing all the good work that we are doing for our clients and it does count for something, especially, when our SEO expert added to the surprise bit by revealing that we have consistently made it to the top in the past three months, in fact, ever since we unveiled our new re-vamped, re-furbished site!

Don’t get us wrong. Being rated top in a business is great, but it also made us stop and think – what does great really mean? Does it really matter where we are in the pecking order; in the rat race to net more business – or would we be equally happy if this pat on the back were to come from our customers, who have experienced our work, and whose business we have helped grow?

We threw this question to our team mates at Litmus for a quick vote and the verdict, as we had hoped was that client satisfaction means more to us than any placement, on any ranking site, even if it happens to be a third-party, independent site!

Does that make sense?

Yes, it does to us.

Because, at Litmus, we believe in setting our own benchmarks. If we measure our work by any known or unknown yardstick, it’s the one provided by our clients. Honestly, we don’t even go by our contemporaries opinions and blindly follow the herd – we follow the client, only because he/she knows his business better than any other pundit on earth. Once, we are ready to acknowledge that fact, our work automatically becomes good. That’s a fact.

Litmus has never gone by the dictum – “set it; forgot it.” On the contrary, we will roll up our sleeves; go down in the dirt with our clients to make their campaigns work. We have that much faith in them, and they in Litmus.

If we are able to do some ‘break the box’ thinking; if we are able to abruptly change the rules of the game; bypass all superfluous ideas and dogmas that don’t work, it’s because we don’t live in our ivory tower with blinkers on, believing that we are the gurus. Actually, the customer is the guru, and the route to the customer is through the client.

There is a story we read once. Don’t know if it’s apocryphal or true, but this is how it went. This woman gets trapped in an 80th floor apartment that’s caught fire. She is petrified of heights and enclosed spaces, so when the fire alarm goes off, she refused to follow her colleagues into the stairwell, even when the firemen are urging her to evacuate. Finally, someone finds her hiding under her table, quietly waiting to die. And yelling at the top of her voice, “I’m scared, I’m scared!”

Frustrated, the firemen, who hadn’t heard of the Nike tagline said, “OK, let’s just do it, Scared.” He led the way, through the smoky stairwell and brought her down to safety.

Sounds familiar?

The loneliness at the edge – the top – of a cliff? It can feel a wee bit uncomfortable. Somehow makes you feel older. As if you’ve done everything that needed to be done and – now what?

Personally, we don’t think, Litmus has come to that stage yet. There are miles to go and loads to do. And like that terrified woman under the table, we’ll just keep on doing it. Not once, but several times over. We’ll do it so often, we’ll forget the count. Then if someone places us on top, we really wouldn’t mind:)

And we wouldn’t feel so sacred of the heights.

Till then, let’s just hang in there.

Have faith.

Our goal is always to serve our clients with our best work.

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Litmus makes your brand accessible to your target consumer. While retaining elements of mystique, we strive to build lasting rapport and trust between brands and consumers through strategic creative thinking.

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