What’s an integrated campaign?

Kapil Vaishnani
by Kapil Vaishnani  |  31st Dec, 2015 in Marketing

Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?

With respect to integrated marketing, the answer is definitely yes.

Consider, for example, the recent Domino’s Pizza brand’s revamp. Even die-hard loyalists had begun to complaint that their pizza base has started tasting like cardboard and ketchup. Domino’s took its changes and rolled out a campaign on the theme of ‘truly listening to their customers’ and they started distributing it on all media channels.

On television, they zeroed-in on customer reviews, both good and bad, and the various pizza flavours thought of by Domino’s employees around the country. They also invited feedback from customers through Facebook, Twitter etc. They offered apps where customers could build their own pizzas for delivery. The campaign was strategic, well-concived, integrated, and most of all, successful.

The simplest definition of an integrated campaign is one that work across channels – digital, TV, print and outdoor. The campaign does not necessarily have to be the same, but essentially similar in its core messaging, to earn the epitaph of an integrated campaign. This is more challenging than you can imagine, as different consumers consumer different media, differently.

Take for instance, the ‘You’re not you when your hungry’ Snickers campaign conceived by Mediacom. This You Tube video explains how the campaign got integrated and executed across media, while the core messaging remained the same. Celebrities were roped in, namely Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand to tweet tongue-in-cheek messages for cross-media interest. The outcome? The Snicker digital campaign created more media value than imagined, was actively shared across channels and contributed almost 50% to the sales, claimed the company.

Recently, Coca-Cola launched ‘Coca-Cola Life’ in the same category as Coke Zero and Diet Coke, globally, accompanied by a month-long integrated campaign.

Image Source: 1pizza

Rolled out across 7,000 outdoor locations as bus and digital screen ads, supported by print exposure, experiential and point of sale activity, the response to the campaign has been largely positive. To create further buzz, it encouraged consumers to enter a competition by sharing a Coca-Cola Life moment picture online with the use of hashtags #CocaColaLife and #comp.

Meanwhile, Hershey’s Simple Pleasures out-of-the-box virtual campaign – good taste and less fat innovatively combines the use of traditional media (bloggers, newspapers, wires and magazines) with a custom-made Facebook tab and iPad app where visitors can declare their ‘Sweet Independence’ and win a coupon in reward that would get them entitled to a road tour to 10 cities, followed by a 70-blog tour through The Motherhood with a Twitter party #hsysimplepleasures made it the No. 1 trending topic on the micro-blogging site.

This is not all. Some fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), banking, finance and automobile companies are also introducing mobile apps that integrate with myriad social platforms, and ropes in the pull factor of bloggers and influencers to make the campaign go viral. Ping Pay—an application by Axis Bank for instance – enables customers to send, ask for and receive money via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, email and SMS.

Meanwhile, in another part of the globe, a brand new make of a car suspended 35 metres over London’s South Bank (The brainwave of Auto Trader) gave car enthusiasts in Britain the never-before chance to win a SEAT Mii. Over 12,000 Tweeters mentioned participated in the #winMiiwithAThashtag, while positive and negative response raised and lowered the car (as per the reviewers rating) throughout the day, while driving almost 14m visitors to Auto Trader’s various platforms till one actually won the bait and drove home in the gleaming new car !

You can watch all the live action here.

Eventually, there’s a message in integrated marketing – no matter what channel you choose in your media mix – if you are consistent in your messaging, you will hit the bull’s eye.

Give it a try, folks, to get it right.


Kapil Vaishnani

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