If Music is Your Tool for Selling, Play On….

by Litmus Branding  |  15th Mar, 2014 in Advertising

After silence, its music that can express the inexpressible

Before you begin to read this blog, I would like to invite you to a special audition. Log in to these You Tube videos, shut your eyes, soak in the music and guess what product/brand a particular track is selling.

If you enjoy your music, I am positive you’d be able to guess the correct answer and in the process, also appreciate the point I am trying to make via this post
So here is our play list…

Done with the Litmus test?

How many did you get right?

All eight?

I am not surprised because when it comes to music, the lyrics, the visuals, the production values, the cast – everything gets overshadowed.
Small wonder that at Litmus, we have a voracious appetite for music.

I strongly believe that music is the universal language of God. I may not know French, German or Spanish, but if I can understand your music, I may not even care to know any other language and we can still connect.

Because, when I soak in a lilting piece of music, my heart stops and leaps straight into my throat, my chest swells and I get sucked into its mesmeric swoon, like a Sufi dervish. Very few commercial pieces of music have that effect on me – its mainly the attribute of devotional songs – but some sound editors and creative directors are able to weave that spell over me with their music selection.
A R Rehman’s background track for Airtel has a touch of that foot-tapping quality.

When this track comes on, we need no other communication for the brand; the track communicates Airtel’s brand attributes (connectivity) well enough.
Titan’s Joy of Giving communication, where a class of students decides to make an impromptu musical tribute to their surprised octogenarian teacher, whose eventful stint at the institute, one can make out, is coming to a wind, is another fitting example. Guess how do the students choose to voice their emotions? By making music out of everyday objects – spoons, books, desk – how creative can you get with music!

Baby ads, I’ve found are always cute, no matter what they convey or how they are made. But this Evian film on our list is the cutest of them all. One half shows a toddler attracting the attention of a youth, who feels inspired to ape the frisky toddler’s baby steps (Break Dance) across a transparent shopping window and very soon several other bystanders join in, matching the dance steps of other babies (they all line up on the other side of the see through glass); while the second half of the film reveals how this film got made – the full gear, the immense patience and oodles of inspiration needed to infuse spontaneity into the babies (All, with no exception) 30-sec act!
Hmmmm, delicious!

Next on our list of all-time favorites is the Tata Nano piece – You are awesome!

Now who would have thought that the common man’s car could co-relate so well with the superlative streak of gay abandon in a bunch of street revelers?
But it does, and that is awesome!

The same score is used, with a twist in their new campaign for Nano Twist!

And if any proof is needed that music knows no linguistic barriers, it can be found in King Khan’s ‘Magic of Frooti’ commercial, where the Spanish (Is it?) lyrics may probably make no sense to an average Indian, but who cares, so long as it goes pat with the longing, lip-synching expressions on the little kids’ faces as they hungrily watch King Khan gulp down the pulpy contents of the entire bottle.

Then just when he is about to take in the last swig, the beat builds to a crescendo, matching the heightened disappointment on the children’s face until the climax stikes and Khan asks, innocently enough, “What?”

That’s probably the only dialogue used in the film, but that’s okay, because none is needed.
Idea’s ‘honey bunny’ jingle was quite crappy, I thought, until, my well-heeled, foreign-accented uncle once popped the question, “What is honey-bunny?” I nearly fell from my chair, realizing that the silly jingle has probably found its mark – it connects with one and all!

This particular film celebrates that jingle’s silliness in 60 seconds with a diverse set of people – a cross-section of Idea users, picked from every corner and crevice of India, humming it in a manner it is supposed to be hummed – in jest!
And lastly the Google search engine’s ad, which may not have been so great (despite the huge dollops of nostalgia, packed into it) save for Piyush Mishra’s soul-lifting sound track!

And that’s exactly what good music does – It lifts the ordinary into extraordinary.
(To be continued in our next blog. Meanwhile, if you want to share your personal favorites for our next piece, please do write in. I am always open to the idea of listening to some good music – maybe we’ll connect through this universal language! So long…..)

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