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Kapil Vaishnani
by Kapil Vaishnani  |  6th Aug, 2015 in Business Insights

…..the road not taken

Starting a startup is the new fad but it poses its own set of challenges. Successful professionals from every industry are now venturing into entrepreneurship, starting up startups, big or small, concentrating on the niche markets. They are coming up with ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas and pursuing them with zeal, instead of getting saddled with conventional jobs.

Money may still be a big motivator for most start-ups; but what actually drives this new crop of entrepreneurs is the freedom to innovate, the flexibility and the leadership positions and the responsibility that comes with it. Gen Y is forever restless and in search of something that can give them gratification. Startups are the one thing that gives them what they want.

A Few Examples that have turned into inspirations:

This car rental service is only five-years old, but it has changed the paradigm. It was started by a team of four entrepreneurs in San Francisco, whose main aim was to survive in the market and make sure they got enough rides on the system. They never dreamed it would reach where it is today.

It started out as a blog on WordPress. They started manually posting offers for movie tickets, concert vouchers, restaurant gift certificates and sundry other deals that they could find in Chicago area. later, they would generate PDF coupons and started emailing the vouchers to customers through Apple Mail. Though it wasn’t that sophisticated, the blog did help Groupon to prove that people were ready to pay for these coupons. It was also a good way to measure the market demand, without a great deal of investment. It was only after Groupon started expanding that it needed to put the necessary infrastructure and operations in place.

YouTube started in 2005 as a video dating site. It was earlier called “Tune In Hook Up,” and was very similar in character to HotOrNot.com. However, over time the idea failed to kick-start, which is why the founders decided to make it a video-sharing site and look where it is today.

Flickr was originally an online role-playing game developed by a gaming startup Ludicorp. After seeing the market potential of their idea, the founders decided to convert it into a photo-sharing website instead. The game was never published! Then Yahoo bought Flickr in 2005.

The bottomline is that those who dream big do make it big in life. It is important to buy that ticket to play even if you do not win. Go ahead! You cannot win the battle if you do not try and if you never try you will never win!

Kapil Vaishnani

Founder, Litmus Branding
Who am I?
The name that was given to me and a few designations after that.

But here’s how I define this ‘who’:

-The one who is still unsuccessful in breaking the myth, “truth is only that which I have understood”.

-The one who finds joy in coming across the perfect ideas through बातचीत.

-The one who struggles to improve his net game on the tennis court.

-And the one who wants to ‘Just Be’.

-Just be present with full absence & be absent with full presence.

That’s who I am.


Who are you? :)

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