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by Litmus Branding  |  30th May, 2015 in E-commerce

What is it in an ecommerce design that converts visitors into customers?

Since the scope of putting out text is limited, there are a lot of things that can make an e-commerce website sticky in terms of design, including but not limited to:

– Professional photography
– Visual Hierarchy
– Clean navigation
– Perfect balance between text and images

You need to understand the importance of each of these elements and blend them in the right proportion to achieve the desired result.

Let’s face it: the platform or store that connects you to your customers is your website. It helps create an image of your company. For starters, It would be good if your website follows a simple design that can be easily understood and navigated by your visitors. It is very important to choose the right design for your website if you want to communicate the right message to your visitors.

It’s also important for your visitors to stay on your website if you want to convert visitors into buyers. Too many good things can never make a website good if they don’t integrate well. While maintaining an impressive design, you have to also ensure that your website is quick, navigable, search- optimized and totally user-friendly. Focusing on accents and small designs can make you stand out from the clutter. Quite a few successful e-commerce portals have adopted unconventional design and rich visual architecture to attract visitors. Before you go on to change the design of your ecommerce website, it might be a good idea to take a close look at some of these:

Although the pages take a while to load, the layout in itself is quite a visual treat. All the elements integrate in perfect harmony. There are about 10 different sections on each page but they are totally cohesive.

Tommy Hilfiger:
It implements a simple template, provides a comfortable shopping experience and reveals its corporate identity in the best manner possible. With some persuasive content, it should be make it easy for visitors to get converted into customers.

This site purposefully opens like a catalogue, with pages you can flip. It’s also dynamic and interactive. Clicking on the product icons reveal hidden features, make you skip your view or change it altogether or help you go through a grid that contains other products. The main thing Ikea focuses on is the shopping experience that is enjoyable and fun.

Completely flash-based, it’s easy to navigate because it doesn’t use any heavy graphics. Simple effects such as hand-drawn product frames, grungy graphics and jean & concrete textures add  a cool touch. The process of buying has been made simple much like the sneakers that are ultra cool and comfortable.

Skinny Ties:
Whether you want to access this site on your smartphone or PC, it is bound to give you a wonderful experience. It belongs to the group of a few special websites that have adopted a “mobile first” approach when it comes to design. Fully responsive, it uses some amazing videos to make buyers aware of the range of the sunglasses on sale. There are about three videos on the home page itself. With beautiful photography, they lend a shining look to the sunglasses, which is awesome.

Whipping + Post:
A perfect balance between amazing photography, excellent typography and tasteful blend of colors on white space, it showcases their products in the most flattering manner.

It would be a wise move to hire the services of a professional web designer. As your sales start increasing, you will understand that the investment was totally worth it.

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