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Shilpan Vaishnani
by Shilpan Vaishnani  |  16th Mar, 2017 in Self Discovery

Tanzila Khan, a well-known motivational speaker across the globe, was born with deformities in both her legs. She was at the age of 16 when she published her first book – A Story of Mexico. She sold her novel to raise funds for the earthquake victims of Pakistan.

“The Perfect Situation” was her second novel and “Surpassing Limits,” her third one. It was at an international book fair that she launched her third book with 1.23 million visitors. Within about 11 days the book made $36 million.

Tanzila Khan’s disability has no way reduced her spirits. She wishes to advocate women empowerment and has already set up initiatives. She is working towards helping others understand the significance of ramp installments in order to facilitate the disabled. She inspires the differently-abled to embrace their abilities the way she has.

Yes there are challenges that disabilities present; but if you make up your mind you can enjoy a completely productive life, the way Tanzila does.

Taking life as it comes is one attitude most of us adopt in life. However, by doing so, we are only justifying our lethargy and inaction. It is all about taking life for granted.

So, does everything in life actually fall into place by itself?

Not really!

If we want something we will have to work towards it. Otherwise it will remain a dream.

More often than not, we end up traversing in that path which seems the most hassle-free to us. We want to follow the crowd blindly and do what they do. Only later do we realize that this path does not take us towards our desired destination.

Do we know what we really want in life?

If yes are we aware of the steps we need to take in order to achieve that?

So far we have been allowing life to dictate us. If we want to enjoy the life that we want, we may have to design our life to run the way we dictate.

You need to create your life the way you want!

There is a definite purpose behind our existence. We need to identify, acknowledge and honor that purpose in order to achieve success in life. We need to understand what we are here to do and then pursue that purpose with total enthusiasm and passion.

There are a few things you need to understand here before you proceed:

It is only your life that you can control.

If you are trying to change a friend, a lover or someone else, you are only wasting your time. All you can do is offer a helping hand. It is up to them to take it.

There is a limit up to which you can control your life

Your life depends on many external factors, over which you have no control. You will have to accept certain things and take power to control the rest.

If you don’t take control of your life, someone else will

If you don’t know what you want and what you need to do to achieve it, you end up following instructions that others give. By doing so, you are only giving them a chance to take control of your life.

Have you come across people queuing up in front of a lottery office?

They are all hoping to win that $20 million payout. However, it is in the destiny of only one. In fact there are more chances of them getting struck by lightning than them winning the lottery. Unfortunately this is their strategy to succeed in life. They have left their lives to their destinies and will take what comes to them. They have no idea that they can actually design their life. However, you do and here are a few steps you need to take in order to design your life the way you want to live:

Step #1: Start with a Mirror

Your life is going to be the way it is unless you bring about a change. There are going to be challenges…. You may have to face failures…. But at the end of the day it is all worth it. You need to be ready to pay the price to get what you want.

So, stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself and make a promise – “I am going to work towards achieving my goal. I am going to take control of my life, no matter what it takes.”

Step #2: Start Working on your Design Project

To start with, you may have to do some field research on your life. Pay attention to your daily routine and look for needs that are unmet. Determine the kind of changes you need to bring about in your behavior. See what actions you can take in order to add more meaning and joy to your life and to the lives of those around you. Figure out how to work within constraints. Iterate every now and then. Try it out for one month and find out if it has been working or not.

Step #3: Develop Faith in your Abilities

You need to understand and believe that it is you who creates all your experiences. If it is success that you experience, it is because of you and if there is pain and struggle, it is because of you as well. This might sound weird at first; but it is also very empowering to accept this kind of responsibility. So, it is all in your hands now. You need to figure out how to design your life and hop over those little hills called stumbling blocks.

So now you know you can create the life of your dreams…

You are responsible for your success and you don’t have to depend on anyone else…

You have what it takes – the abilities, the skills, the talents and the inner resources that are needed to create the desired results…

So, commit to take 100% responsibility for each and every aspect of your life. Start making those important changes, one at a time. Control your visualizations, your thoughts and your actions. You will soon discover how easy it is to achieve what you want.

Shilpan Vaishnani

Director, Litmus Branding Pvt. Ltd.
Ahmedabad, India
Shilpan Vaishnani is one of the prodigious musketeers who co-founded Litmus. He is the man of better Resource Management and Production Output. His ‘No-nonsense’ temperament keeps the brevity in internal and external communications alive. Vendor Management is Shipan’s forte and his market understanding knows only yields. Shilpan’s philosophy is upheld on a single outlook that ‘everything is possible if done and nothing else.

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