Growing up and how

11th Apr, 2016 | Show

Expansion for a brand is exciting. But it brings with it many challenges too Here is glad tidings for Litmus loyalists. We've stretched and opened a second branch office in Satellite, Ahmedabad. The move some time in coming - about ten years - but it's been worth the wait. To ...

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Making P2P Marketing Work for Your Brand

6th Jan, 2016 | Show

Nothing works better than word-of-mouth with HNWI Can you imagine Neeta Ambani or Ratan Tata pick a luxury brand because of its pull advertising? I just can't. But I'd still like to know what motivates them to open their loaded wallets, even when, they happen to fall (One imagines) in ...

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Keeping Tabs

4th Jan, 2016 | Show

....On your spends on marketing The first question we ask a new client is, “Can you please lay your budget on the table?" And 99% of the time comes the reply, "We don't have the foggiest idea?" The client knows that he needs to spend to make ...

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Co-Opt Your Audience As Your Cheerleaders

2nd Nov, 2015 | Show

In this last of a three part series, we will figure out how to turn your consumers into your brand ambassadors. Having your customers become cheerleaders for your brand is the ultimate outcome of marketing. For your customers not just sell for you, they also communicate in ways more effective ...

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State Your Mission In Your Voice

30th Oct, 2015 | Show

In this second of a three part series on start-ups, we will figure out how to communicate your mission to your targets. The multi-device wielding Millennial generation is forcing brands to reinvent their marketing. Brands are rising up to the challenge and doing their Big data chrunching to figure out ...

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Let’s Get Your Dreamboat Sailing

28th Oct, 2015 | Show

In this three part series, we will figure out clever branding strategies for sailing your startup. Are you thinking about starting a new venture this year? Want to put soul into your brand; infuse it with character? Then this blog series is meant specifically for you. At the end of ...

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Making Service Your Chief Value Proposition

4th Sep, 2015 | Show

Customer service lies at the core of marketing Have you ever heard of Tim’s Place? It's a restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico that ranks as the world's friendliest restaurant. Apart from serving great food, Tim and his team hug patrons who wish to be hugged. They understand that it's natural ...

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The Truth About Mad Men

17th Jun, 2015 | Show

The Advertising World as presented by America’s most popular television drama series – Mad Men Mad Men from the AMC series is definitely the show to watch if you want a sneak peek into a twisted advertising world. The show has gained immense popularity and fans don’t mind watching it ...

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Designing for an Ecommerce Website

30th May, 2015 | Show

What is it in an ecommerce design that converts visitors into customers? Since the scope of putting out text is limited, there are a lot of things that can make an e-commerce website sticky in terms of design, including but not limited to: - Professional photography - Visual Hierarchy - ...

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Color it Wisely

25th Mar, 2015 | Show

Color has a very symbiotic relationship with logo design. Hut your eyes and visualize McDonald's golden arches. Now, imagine if they had been yellow or purple or any other color. Would the burger chain be an international success with red-color arches? Yes, because although colors don't impact directly, subliminally, they ...

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