The Story in Numbers

11th Jan, 2017 | Life

Customers' Trust about Personal Data Can't Be Bought Privacy on Internet? That’s an oxymoron! Well, it need not really be. You can achieve it if you can manage your customer data well on your website. Every time a customer enters his data on your website, the only thing that would ...

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A Shot in the Arm

27th Dec, 2016 | Life

Advertising for a Healthy Cause Living healthy is amongst the priority list of many consumers these days. They are ever-hungry for information and research on ‘healthy lifestyle.’ More and more Brands have started recognizing this need and are cashing in on the opportunity. They are making available, better products, ...

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Zero in on the Goal

23rd Dec, 2016 | Life

A traveler once stopped at a certain intersection. He pointed at one road and asked an elderly person, “Where does this road lead to?” To this the person asked the traveler where he wanted to go. When the traveler replied saying he had no idea where he wanted to ...

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Seizing Moments Strategically

4th Oct, 2016 | Life

There is probably no one in the world who hasn’t failed once in a life time. Failure is the key to success. After all, it's difficult to manage everything and be successful. Yet successful we have to be because... We need to be the best at our jobs because it ...

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Creating Equal Access

12th Aug, 2016 | Life Grow Your Talent Pool A friend of mine came across a young man with Down syndrome, who was working in a fast food restaurant that she happened to visit. As a dining room attendant, it was Anil’s job to greet customers, remove trays and maintain everything in impeccable ...

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Give More to Get More

1st Aug, 2016 | Life

“The happiest people are not those who get more but those who give more” Jackson Brown Jr.   One such person is definitely Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys. During 1999, when the company received CMM level-five certification from Carnegie Mellon University, the co-founder decided to share ...

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Think Big. Decide Better.

27th Jul, 2016 | Life

Let's take a leaf out of the lives of leaders who dared to make it big! J.J. Irani knew before attending a quarterly Board meeting that there would be nothing regular about it. The agenda that had to be discussed signified bad news and he hated playing the messenger. ...

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Learn the Rules Like a Pro, So You Can Break Them Like an Artist

30th Jun, 2016 | Life

Do you follow rules meticulously? Well, my father used to. In fact, he ended up missing out on several golden opportunities in life only because he never wanted to break the rules and get into trouble. He felt safe within the boundaries set by rules. He didn't want to get ...

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Knock Down the Ceiling and the Walls

3rd Jun, 2016 | Life

Media can play a big role in countering stifling stereotypes My surgeon friend Purnima Doshi often tells me that people mistake her for someone else. Some approached her directly and told her that she doesn’t really look like a surgeon. A middle-aged man in an ill-fitting suit with a receding ...

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It’s Not Easy Being an Entrepreneur

27th May, 2016 | Life

Some time back I came across an anonymous post on Quora that was actually a revelation by an entrepreneur. This was an answer to the question…. “How often does an entrepreneur have to deal with depression?” In answer, the entrepreneur spilled out the beans, which went something like this… ...

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