New makeover for your site

23rd May, 2017 | Buzz

Is your website still the same as you had designed it the first time? Haven’t you updated it with new products or services or even fresh pictures of your team members? If not, it is high time you revamp your website. As you may know, Google keeps changing its algorithms. ...

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What is the real value of design for business?

19th May, 2017 | Buzz

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs It is not just on strategies that the success of your branding depends; design plays an extremely important role too. Unfortunately not many understand the importance of design when it comes to ...

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Brand Fatigue

16th May, 2017 | Buzz

There are lots of things you may like about your favorite brands…. The products… The quality…. The price…. The service and more…. But what is it that makes you stop shopping from a brand? You may be seeing the same commercials again and again on TV at every break… You ...

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The Epic Brand War in Indian Advertisement

10th May, 2017 | Buzz

It is true that not all brands survive in the industry for long in spite of spending a lot of money on marketing and advertising. So, what exactly does a Brand need to do in order to win the hearts of the consumers? There are a few basic requirements that ...

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This Major New Technology Could Be Less Than A Year Away – Are You Ready

4th May, 2017 | Buzz

The next communications revolution is just around the corner. By 2020, you will be witnessing the launch of the ultrafast 5G mobile broadband that will unleash speeds that could be a hundred times faster than 4G. It will bring with it, waves of innovation that can disrupt almost every industry. ...

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Our Own Heritage Brands

1st May, 2017 | Buzz

The smell of the brewing Bru filter coffee marks the beginning of the day in any typical Tamilnadu household. As the lady of the house pours the steaming hot coffee into steel tumblers, with the froth levelling up to the brim, the family members eagerly wait to jump-start their day ...

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Indian Brands Activating Activism

26th Apr, 2017 | Buzz

We have been going on with our jobs for years now. But have we ever made a difference to anyone through our work? Have we ever thought about going beyond our job profiles and bringing smiles on a few faces? Yes, it is important to promote your brand and your ...

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Creating Dynamic Brand Impressions via Unimaginable Strategies

27th Mar, 2017 | Buzz

The other day I had been to an open event. I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered a free beverage as I was watching the show. I didn’t really think before I grabbed that drink. However, once I was home I thought about it. Now why would someone offer ...

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The Secret of Winning Brands

22nd Mar, 2017 | Buzz

Being the world’s second largest populated country, India has a huge market where many products are launched and advertised on a daily basis. In spite of many marketing campaigns being launched, there are just a few with which people actually connect. It is not about promoting your product or service; ...

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2016 Marketing Failures: And We Thought We Had Seen Everything

20th Mar, 2017 | Buzz

Not all marketing ideas work as they are supposed to. In fact, at times they may even offend or seem absolutely stupid. As advertisers we sometimes forget that unless our campaigns are understood thoroughly by our audience they cannot achieve success. Such failed campaigns tend to get bombarded with cold ...

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