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by Litmus Branding  |  7th Jun, 2016 in Branding

All about creating campaigns that stand out

After several years in the field, I am still very much in love with advertising. I watch and even make ads every day. The main purpose is generally to sell something; but it doesn’t stop at that. Brands in today’s world exist because they connect on a deep, emotional plane with their audience.

No more is it a top-down, one-way street, where traffic flows at fixed durations. Today, in order to be salient, brands have to connect and converse with their consumers at all touch points. They have to convey something meaningful in order to prove that they belong to the same community.

Over the years, brands have been advertising their products and services for different purposes:

– To convince consumers that what they are selling is the best in the market
– To convince that they are the top makers of that product
– To create a genuine need – a value gap – for that products
– To demonstrate new uses of that product
– To announce new programs related to that product
– To reinforce individual messages of their salespeople
– To increase customer base by catering to both existing and new customers

How smart brands communicate:

BBDO’s Visa Debit Card ad: This was shot at a Rajasthani village where water scarcity lead to girls dropping out of school, because they have to fetch water from miles away. One girl chooses to buy sewing machines online using her visa debit card. She then involves other young women to stitch saris with alphabets stitched on them, so that they can still learn to read when they go to fetch water. Fetching, isn’t it?

Nescafe’s #itallstarts ad: Rishi, is a stand-up comedian with a big problem – he stammers. However, he gives his problem a spin by saying “Ek haklate hue comedian ki sabse badi taakat hoti hai ….. suspense.”(Suspense is the strength of a comedian who stammers). The sensitive campaign went viral in no time and had several Likes and Shares.

– Then there is the FabAlley Ad that presents an honest perspective showing real women dealing with real wardrobe issues. Dressing for comfort and being true to yourself are the two key messages conveyed through this commercial, without being too preachy.
– Anouk’s Bold is Beautiful ad: The message that’s driven home is wear bright colors and your sexuality in dealing with an overtly hostile herd.

The Text-Talk NO MORE Super Bowl 50 ad chose domestic and sexual violence, as its core themes. It shows a text exchange between two women, wherein one is attending a Super Bowl Party. She invites her friend to come over, who says she cannot as her spouse is in “one of his moods.” The message is if you recognize the signs of domestic violence you can help by texting “NO MORE” to the number that flashes on the screen.

Unfortunately, most TVCs:

– Convey a very boring, corporate message
– They may be entertaining but fail to convey the message properly

A best advertisement is one that is entertaining (with a “wow” element) as well as enlightening.

Slapping banner ads on your Facebook page is sure to turn away your audience. To really stir emotions you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Come on, have you ever tried to think differently from others? Are there any unique strategies you have lately come up with? If not, it might take ages for you to cut ice with your customers. Keep trying.


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Litmus makes your brand accessible to your target consumer. While retaining elements of mystique, we strive to build lasting rapport and trust between brands and consumers through strategic creative thinking.

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