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by Litmus Branding  |  22nd Oct, 2015 in Self Discovery

Only: The only person happy on this earth is a child

Do you really love what you do? If not, possibly you are not following your childhood dreams.

While there may be very few people who may be truly happy with what they do, a majority appear sour with their jobs. This is because at some point of time they have stopped dreaming or imagining. Their childhood dreams have faded away and they are blindly ape-ing others in their work.

In short, they have lost their creative touch!

Sounds familiar?

Then read on.

Closely observe your children and notice that no matter what they are doing, they appear to be cheerful and happy – like little bundles of energy. This is not to say that they occasionally don’t throw any tantrums – for they most certainly do, especially when they are wielding their pester power over their parents – but the most notable think about their perpetual state of happiness is that they live in the present; not in their past or their future.

Yet they are active dreamers. So most of their dreams also manifest. There is an inner-child in each and every one of us. It is very important to keep this inner-child alive and kicking because it’s the source of all their primal emotions. This is where our creativity springs from.

Remember when we were children, we were always creative in whatever we did. A drop of oil on a puddle appeared liken a rainbow. A wad of cotton appeared like a witch’s silvery head. The man in the moon always appeared to be beckoning to us in the dead of the night. The crawly lizard on the wall appeared to be eavesdropping.

There was no end to our imagination. There was also no judgment about what was right or wrong. We expressed what we had to and that was the end of the matter.

However as we started growing up, we began to doubt ourselves and judging the quality of our creative efforts. As a consequence, we gradually started losing faith in our own ability to create.

All human beings are incredibly creative. And creativity can take myriad forms. You need to find out your own way of creating that can help you stay connected with yourself. You need to experiment to discover the form of creativity that lies dormant in you and give it a proper channel of expression. This may have to do with art, music, dance, theatre or just about anything. You have to play the roles of both the creator, and the consumer to re-awaken this feeling of ‘awe’ in yourself.

The easiest way to connect with your creativity is to move back into your childhood and start dreaming again. Try to remember everything you enjoyed doing as a child. Try and pretend you are five years old age. Your dream will flash back to you at that moment of vulnerability when you have deliberately lowered all your defenses.

How to be a child?
Here are a few tips that may set you on course:

– Believe that you don’t really need a reason to be happy
– Keep yourself engaged
– Set goals for yourself
– Learn or unlearn one new thing everyday
– Get rid of all negative emotions such as pent-up anger, hatred, greed, envy, inferiority complex and pessimism
– Begin to enjoy simple pleasures of life – dip your tired feet in a tub of warm water while enjoying a scoop of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate ice-cream
– Given a responsibility, accept it gracefully
– Laugh as much as you can till you get tears in your eyes
– Let your hair down, get on the dance floor and jive
– Be comfortable in your skin no matter what others think of you
– Let go of your past and try to live in the moment
– Never give up

It is never too late if you want to re-discover your childhood. You will get to live your life all over again – and stress-free – this time!

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