4 Must-haves for a Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy

Jayanshi Sharma
by Jayanshi Sharma  |  17th Jan, 2022 in Social Media

There are no two opinions about how you should leverage social media for digital marketing. That’s a given. The question is how to use social media for marketing and whether you need a professional social media marketing services provider to create and execute your social media campaign. To help you answer these questions, here are four of the most important elements you’ll need to create your social media strategy.

Do you need a social media strategy?

That’s what most business owners and marketers ask. SmartInsights reports that there are over 4 billion people on social media, and that number is growing steadily. So whether you hire a professional or do your social media content planning yourself, you need to understand the various social media platforms and their strengths.

For instance, if you use Instagram, you’ll be relying heavily on visuals – images and video – to send your brand message, which means you’ll need a good designer. On the other hand, platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter rely more on content. Facebook lets you do both. TikTok – the latest trend in social media – is only for reels and video. If you want your social media efforts to generate ROI, you’ll likely want to leverage more than one channel, if not all of them, in a way that aligns with your business goals. You also want to stay within budget. So you do need a clear plan of action or strategy to elicit the best results from every platform.

Moreover, every business is different. Even when operating in the same industry or space, you and your competitor may have different business goals or different KPIs for your campaigns. But still, there are a few elements that every campaign must-have. So here are four of the most important things you’ll need to create a killer social media campaign.

The 4 Must-haves are:

1. Know Your Audience

If you want your social media endeavors to bring the desired results, sending out vague and generic messages to over 4 billion people won’t work. You have to curate your audience from those who use social media. You have to single out the people who are most likely to talk about your business, products, and brand.

For instance, if you are selling insurance, you’ll want to target young and middle-aged working professionals, but if you are selling burgers or canned juice, you’ll want to attract college students and moms with kids. Burger King set an example of knowing their audience by introducing the DIY Quarantine Whopper in the early days of the pandemic. The recipe went viral on social media, and consumers came away feeling that Burger King cares for them.


Knowing what your audience wants and then bringing it to them via channels they use is important for your campaign. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the masses reading your message and deciding it has no value.

Your social media content plan can be summed up in one sentence – find your audience and tell them the problem you can solve for them or their need you can satisfy.

Then all you need to do is determine which platform works best to connect with your audience and convey your message best. But have you thought about the brand message you want to send out? That’s the next step.

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2. Say it and say it right

Having found your target audience, what will you say to them? Simply stating, “Hey, We have this killer brand that will help you do this, that, and the other,” won’t work. For instance, telling working professionals that you sell insurance policies is not enough. You must tell them why they should buy insurance, and why they must buy it from you. In other words, you must convey your USP through your value proposition.

You must make your audience think that you offer the best value. Your brand is the one best equipped to solve their problem or satisfy their need. That’s what Burger King achieved with their Quarantine Whopper. They gave out the recipe knowing full well that after the lockdown ended, consumers would remember the recipe and flock to their outlets. So, whether you go DIY or hire a social media marketing agency in India, ensure that your message is communicated properly to the right audience. And if you are wondering how to create your brand message, take a look at this article.

3. Content

Or aesthetics. Social media is – for the most part – about visuals. The visual elements of social media speak louder than words, but that does not mean you need no words? The visuals in your social media posts are complemented by the words you use, and together they convey your message. Of note here is that you should be consistent in brand colours and tone. Why do you think Nike when you see the upward swoosh? Or HDFC when you catch a red rectangle on a blue background? Why do you assume Colgate when you see a white print on a red backdrop and Coke when you see red on black? That’s consistency for you.

The combination of the font face, size, colour, and other visual elements makes your brand easily recognizable. And it’s more than recognition. It’s the feeling the consumer experiences when he sees your brand colours and logo. It’s the reason why children rejoice when they see the Kinder Joy egg and teens swoon when they see the purple of Cadbury. But consistency is not a coincidence. It has to be carefully created and maintained. Your choices depend upon how you want to position your brand.


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4. Voice

Brands are inanimate, but they do have an identity and a voice. Your brand can and should have a unique voice – not just on social media but across cyberspace and other marketing channels. Did we mention Cadbury? They use a soft yet joyful or romantic intonation in all their marketing collaterals because that’s what their brand is all about. Celebrating relationships – be it romantic or family. Colgate also uses the family angle in marketing, but it’s about tradition rather than relationships. Such differentiation in brand voice will make your brand unique, and you can then stand out among the crowd – because crowded it will be.

Remember that the written content – the words – in your memes and posts are what will contribute the most to the voice – though, of course, visuals must support the voice. In short, your posts on social media must create the right vibe that will resonate with your audience. Again, voice is not just for social media. It should be consistent across all marketing channels if you want to position your brand properly. When we say, I’m Lovin It, can’t you just hear the McDonald’s jingle launched in 2003? That’s the power of brand voice.

Once you have these four elements of branding in place, you can go ahead and choose your channel or social media platform to connect, engage, talk, and build a lasting relationship with your consumer.

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